MIUI 13.1, the version that will bring Android 13 to your Xiaomi, what’s new?

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MIUI 13.5 version

MIUI versions can be crazy if you don’t know Xiaomi news well. After the launch of MIUI 13, the company was expected to launch the MIUI 13.5 version to make the jump to Android 13. This supposed version was launched as MIUI 13.1 and today we will tell you more about it. This is more important than expected, as it will be responsible for preparing your Xiaomi for the Android 13 update. are you interested? Keep reading!

Generally, OS update on Xiaomi phones is always accompanied by a new version of MIUI, but not vice versa. In 2022, to move from Android 12 to Android 13, your Xiaomi mobile may undergo MIUI 13.1 in preparation.

MIUI 13.1 bases its news on Android 13.

Xiaomi is launching various betas of MIUI 13.1 based on Android 13. At the moment the news included in this version is aesthetic and comes in a dropper, although everything is likely to speed up as the day goes on.

MIUI 13.1 basada en Android 13

Along with Android 12, there are also Xiaomi devices receiving the MIUI 13.1 update, which will hopefully make the terminal ready for future updates. The difference between MIUI 13 and 13.1 is, at the moment, almost zero, though that will change when the stable and official update is near.

It is also possible that Xiaomi will use MIUI 13.1 to bring Android 13 to flagships and not the rest. Other more low-end or mid-range models may have to wait for MIUI 14 for a version of MIUI based on Android 13.

If you have a high-end Xiaomi, the next step is to update your device to MIUI 13.1 and maybe Android 13. Nevertheless, we recommend you to wait patiently, as all these steps are in beta and will take some time. Time to complete. Jump on stable.

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